The event started at 7pm on Saturday 5th december 2015 during the craziness of Art Basel in Miami.

 Avant-Gartiste and Market Gallery brought and curated in one big space various artists such has Homero Ganem, Alec Monopoly, Santlov, RD 357, Hero, Veronika Aristizabal,  Doze Green. Among the artists, the supermodel Tika Macaj gave us the honnor to host the exhibition.

In addition of the artists exhibited, we had the pleasure to introduce three french artists, Shuck One, Mika Jones and Johann Perathoner.

The evening started with a live painting realized by Shuck One using black spray paint on square canvas. 

The second round was held by Mika Jones, painting using acrylic on canvas, before ending tagging a leather jacket provided by D-Koncept Store.