India Ink on Paper

Sizes: 100 x 100cm / 39.5 x 39.5 in

Year: 2015

This drawing depicts an owl. My admiration of abstract art can be felt as the owl’s feathered coat is depicted using a combination of shadows and swerving structures. We can nearly imagine the muscles of his face beneath the feathers.

The spiritual intention is less strong in this drawing allowing me to focus on the graphic and abstract composition. A few fish are hidden in the composition, which is something I like to do, in order to create unusual links between species. These relations are supposed to remind us that there is a natural equilibrium and that everything is connected in the natural world.

I’ve photocopied this drawing multiple times and stuck them up in the streets of Paris. There are quite a few on the left bank, around the Marais and near Montmartre.


About Hadrien:

Hadrien is a graphic designer and artist born in 1992. He creates his drawings, using Rotring pens and more traditional techniques such as India ink, to depict the daily and sometimes the exceptional events going on around him.

For example, his first series Supermarket points out the emptiness and banality of supermarket products. Playing with their visual identities he wanted to contrast their mythical aura and their objective reality.

The series Hadrien is currently working on allowed him to participate in the fantastic Dali fait le Mur exposition in Paris (Montmartre). This new series is larger than the first regarding the number of drawings and possibilities of development. The main idea is: “every shape can keep its geometrical properties while changing in meaning”. He intend to explore varied emotions and subjects related to the symbiosis of Nature, the ephemeral aspect of animals, and forgotten beauty, by portraying numerous animals that are facing extinction. These portraits will be composed of natural motifs to remind the spectator of the importance and uniqueness of each animal in Nature.