AK 47 Bling Bling 3


Sylwia Von Walls


Pearls and beads, french silk stitches on

Italian black cow leather

Frame: Highest quality, handcrafted in Italy, glossy black Museum Glass: Top glass which virtually eliminates reflection

Artwork: Handcrafted, historic, religious ortodox embroidery

Handcrafted bead embroidery soutache technique

Sizes: 130 x 106 cm / 51 x 42 in

Year: 2015


About Sylwia:

Sylwia von Walls – artist, designer and creator. Known for her creative and visionary combining of traditional crafts and arts.

The author of the provocative collection of “Peacemaker”, the design items with the anti-war message, presented at the prestigious exhibition, i.e. Scope in Miami.

She comes from an artistic family, her brother is an artist and painter of the paintings in the Renaissance style, and frescoes; her parents are an antique shop owners. She grew up in historic old house, surrounded by paintings of angels and roses, stucco and ornaments that shaped her sensitivity to beauty and sense of aesthetics.

At the age of 11, Sylwia left her family home and began her education at the National School of Ballet, where she was taught not only discipline, but also love for art, dance and music. The fascination with the Baroque building of the school, which was located in a former Jesuit monastery, began her passion for fine craftsmanship, rich decorations and details.

The magical world of the opera, where she performed, with velvet, heavy curtains, beautiful costumes made of silks, lace, embroidered with beautiful sequins and stones began her interest in the materials and precious fabrics.

At the age of 14, she left Poland to continue an education in the Ballet Akademie in Cologne, Germany. As a 20-year-old woman, she began working as a model, which grew her passion for fashion and photography.

During many trips to London she met number of artists and broadened her knowledge and sensitivity to street art.

On London’s streets, for the first time she saw a link between art and policy as well as freedom of expression, which affected her work. She has drawn inspiration from the street art, fashion, architecture and crafts till these days, by creating unique designs that delight with the aesthetic qualities and originality. Sylwia currently enjoys lives in Miami, where she is surrounded by constantly changing artistic landscape.

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