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Aphrodite 1


India Ink on Paper

Sizes: 29.7 x  42cm / 11.7 x 16.5 in

Year: 2015

How to give a good representation of the time in 2 dimensions?
I’ve decided to draw famous figures of the Greek Antiquity like Aphrodite or Eros and to juxtapose them to a futurist architecture which evoke the sterility of scientific labs or the famous end of 2001 : The Odyssey. Thus, the Antiquity is in the collective imagination one of the oldest period from which we have clues of artistic, philosophic, politic ou scientific culture, is confronted to the Cosmos and his ancestral age. The age of the universe is approximately 14,8 billions years from here. The Antiquity, compared to the Universe seems to age only a dime seconde.
The different figures are also there to make a call to the golden section, it has been for a lot of people, a proof of the existence of God. I wanted to ask the question again, what do we know about the origins of the Universe and what was there before the Big Bang?


About Hadrien:

Hadrien is a graphic designer and artist born in 1992. He creates his drawings, using Rotring pens and more traditional techniques such as India ink, to depict the daily and sometimes the exceptional events going on around him.

For example, his first series Supermarket points out the emptiness and banality of supermarket products. Playing with their visual identities he wanted to contrast their mythical aura and their objective reality.

The series Hadrien is currently working on allowed him to participate in the fantastic Dali fait le Mur exposition in Paris (Montmartre). This new series is larger than the first regarding the number of drawings and possibilities of development. The main idea is: “every shape can keep its geometrical properties while changing in meaning”. He intend to explore varied emotions and subjects related to the symbiosis of Nature, the ephemeral aspect of animals, and forgotten beauty, by portraying numerous animals that are facing extinction. These portraits will be composed of natural motifs to remind the spectator of the importance and uniqueness of each animal in Nature.