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Mixed Media on Canvas, Spray and Acrylic

90cm x 90cm

Year: 2016


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About Opéra

Opéragraphiks™ is the pseudonym of the French graffiti artist and graphic designer, Stéphane Vignal. He lives and resides in Paris.
In 1998, Stéphane’s artistic ability began within the realm of traditional graffiti style, under the artistic name of Starone. His style started to develop and evolve by drawing from the influences of certain codes of the American and German street culture until 2005.
Passionate about graphic arts and design, he obtained a degree in visual communication in a Parisian school. His talent provided him with numerous opportunities straight out of the university.  He worked freelance for several years before opening his own agency. In August 2008, his agency, 2HS Design was launched with his two associates.