The World Is Yours


Shuck One

Acrylic, Spray & Marker on Canvas

Sizes: 100 x 100cm /

Year: 2015


About Shuck One:

Born in Point-à-Pitre, Guadaloupe in 1970 / Lives and works in Paris, France

Representing the first generation of French graffiti artists, SHUCK ONE seized the walls and subterranean arteries of the French capital starting in 1986. Consequently, his name is omnipresent on the Parisian subway lines 2, 9, and 13, strategic lines that quickly earned him the title “King of the Subway”. The assertion of a clean style and his knack for tagging led him directly to the discovery of an artistic universe that was more vast and personal.

In 1990, he founded the Basalt association, a collective of Parisian graffiti artists whose creative power and dynamism would leave its mark on the decade. Under the watchful eye of the entire city, mural expression won its acclaim.

In 1991, this new creativity was widely hailed during the “10 years of Graffiti Art” exhibition at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris, shoulder to shoulder with the great names of French and American graffiti. Until 1995, Basalt would guarantee the influence of a distinctively French identity with numerous collaborations and demonstra- tions in France and in Europe.

At the beginning of the 90’s, and without giving up his mural creations, Shuck began to favor canvas. The contours of his lettering tended to crack and to dissolve in favor of developing a profoundly unique abstract style. Finally offered to posterity, his works entered immediately into public and private collections.

While it explores other media than the urban space, Shuck One’s painting nevertheless remains committed to human and social concerns. While putting the individuality of the artist at the center of his artistic gesture, his work is aimed, above all, at the social and cultural emancipation of the individual.

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