Because we believe art brings value, Avantgartiste gives you the opportunity to be surrounded and inspired by fine art.
We allow you to rent artworks in Paris and New York City in a very convenient way.

The idea is to give our clients the chance to keep the environment of the company fresh and up to date.

We want to help you to keep an innovative image and also guide you through your choice whenever you decide to renew the atmosphere.


This service is dedicated to the companies that wants to include art to their events. It goes from a live art show to a simple exhibition.

We think great walls shoud go along with great Art, not only for aesthetics but for creativity, good mood and well-being. Atmospheres, surroundings and communities all play into the company’s culture.


We know that buying artwork can be easy and instinctive sometimes. We also know that it’s still an investment that requires the right choice to be made, which is why we provide personalized advices, from artworks selections to defiscalisation advices.
Weither it is to seek a specific artwork, or to find the piece that matches your taste our team can help.


This apply for the french citizens.

Professionals who have purchased original works of living artists and record them to a fixed asset account, can deduct from income for the year of acquisition and the following four years in equal instalments, a sum equal to the price acquisition within the limit of five per thousands (5/1000) of its net sales.

For artworks whose purchase price is less than 5000€, Minister delegate for the budget admits that the condition of public exposure is satisfied as long as the work is displayed in a place «accessible» to customers and/or company employees, excluding personal office.

Article 238 bis AB of the general Tax code, from Article 7 of the law of July 23rd 1987 provides undertakings acquiring original works of lving artists, can deduct an amount equal to the acquisition price.